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OTHER \\\GIFT OF HEAVEN/// Prologue available now!

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The Prologue of my epic RPG, \\\GIFT OF HEAVEN/// is now available for free on the RPG Maker Fes 3DS App! You can find it by searching on the app for my nickname, O.M. Hawk. Check out the Prologue Launch Trailer:


also, I made a weird and wacky 43 minute promotional short film called Symphonia Anathema, which tells you about the background lore and some of the themes of the story:



\\\GIFT OF HEAVEN/// is an apocalyptic fable about the eternal quest for utopia. World Emperor Machelvis, the greatest hero of all time, finds himself powerless to conquer the evil inherent in empire itself. While feigning devotion to the new Worldfaith which he himself created, Machelvis secretly immerses himself in forbidden occult lore, under the guidance of the Last Archaic Vampire, Geba Telgerin. Together they pursue the impossible, believing themselves to be guided by Sovereign Forces... they seek to unite Heaven with Earth. But the Dread Wizard Kilboz has other plans: if he can summon the Black Hole Sun, the whole world will be destroyed, and all the sweetest dreams would be in vain.


\\\GIFT OF HEAVEN/// is an oldschool JRPG similar to the old Final Fantasy games, with random encounters and turn based combat. I have tried to reduce the amount of repetition in all aspects of the game compared to older JRPGs, and I also tried to make the combat more difficult and strategic. This prologue is short, only about 3 hours of gameplay. But I actually put hundreds of hours of work into it. And I have \\\GIFT OF HEAVEN/// tattooed on my arm. And I'm paying 250 dollars per month to advertise this free game on the Easy Allies podcast Frame Trap. So, it's pretty serious! I am fully committed to finishing the rest of the game, with the eventual goal of impressing enough people that I could get enough Patreon funding to quit my day job and thus have enough time to make original graphics and music for my second game (most likely using a PC version of RPG Maker). At this stage, I'm basically just trying to get noticed and earn respect.


I'm really excited to hear what people think of my Prologue. Are the jokes funny? Did you get all my references? How brutal is the combat in the dungeon? I'm a gigantic RPG nerd, so I'm hoping we can really get into the nitty gritty!







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