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Which steps can I do in order to efficiently finalizing a game

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Hello! I'new to the RPG Maker community, even tho I used RPG Maker for years, I never asked for help in any kind of forum of anything, (So sorry If I post into the wrong category, and I don't speak native english).

My game have to be finished in 3 months for a school project, so I want to ask what's the best way to efficiently finalizing my game.

The game has 3 stages of development like basically any game has I think, which is:




So whats the efficient way to develop my game? should I focus in finalizing all the database, then maping and then eventing? Or doing everything as the game need's It? Maping everything, eventing and then contructs the database? What steps should I do to finalizing the game?

I would really apreciated who helps me.

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Well, if you are a corporation, the answer is apparently "work everyone to death with unreasonable crunch hours until the either the game is finished or all your workers have mental breakdowns, even though it's proven that crunch is not productive". :P


For everyone else? Really hate to fall back on this overused phase, but it depends on the game. Really it does. It also depends a lot on you. Personally I think it doesn't matter much as long as you are working on something. Just pick something that isn't done yet and do your best to finish it. If you have to revise it later because your plans changed somewhere, well that's just a thing you will have to deal with. Although working on what you think are the most important areas/features of the game first might help, you can't really predict when your plans might change. There really is no 'right' way to do any creative process I think, you just gotta get in there and do it and see what works.


Though I will say this: If you ask me, eventing isn't it's own step at all. It seems to me like it's best to design maps and events around one another. A map is simply not complete without it's events, and most events don't really exist without a map to be in. The exceptions are common events or battle events which are part of the database. Really RPGMaker games are best divided into maps and the database I think. And honestly I don't think mapping and database editing are different stages of development either, just different sides of the same coin so to speak. Also there is the whole thing with scripting/plugins, but lets just ignore that for now. :3

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I suggest writing your game's idea and the progress in the game story. This strategy gives directions to you about the flow of your game. I normally create maps and events in order of the game's progress, but there are exceptions when I really want to make a cool dungeon.


The best step to take is testing your game when you think it is finished. You want to remove any bugs and typos in your game. Make sure all events work as they should. Also ask a friend to test the game for anything that you may have missed.

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