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RPG Maker MV - for Nintendo Switch, PS4, & XBOX ONE

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Sorry, if this topic has already been created. I could not find one as I did honestly search for it.



As many people know the RPG Maker MV is being released on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and XBox One. It is the first RPG Maker to be released on home consoles in many years. However, there are many questions about this version. Who is this product for? I am guessing young children. Many PC users such as myself do not need this version of MV. I can only see parents buying this for their kids or someone who does not know anything about the RPG Maker.

You may have noticed new heroes and one new villain in the trailer. My only hope is they become available for PC users such as ourselves. They can expand MV's tiny RTP. It's the smallest RTP to my knowledge. 

There is an interesting comment on the trailer's page on YouTube. A viewer mentions the trailer does not show any features of the engine/game. There is a lot of false advertising. Your heroes/battlers do not appear on full screen. The trailer does not show the battle systems or any features in the engine.

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