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Help with setting battle win conditions

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I have a question for something I’d like to do in my game. I have a bit of a strange enemy HP system - the gist of it is, each enemy’s HP starts at half, and the enemy should be considered dead if the HP reaches 0 OR if the HP is full (with negative attacks, that heal). I need help with this latter condition… how can I make it so that the enemy is considered “dead” to the game when the HP is full? The player should still receive EXP with either win condition. I know I’ll need to make it so that the status cannot be inflicted until the halving command has run, but I’m a bit stumped as where to go from there. I don’t think this will require a complex script, but if it does let me know and I’ll move/repost in the appropriate section.

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Battle Event Pages? You can set the halving thing to run on turn 1, and then have another page that says runs on turn 2 and then on every turn after turn 2 (2X1) and make it set a variable to the Enemies current HP and another to their max HP. Then have it so that the Death state will be applied to the enemy if their Current HP matches their max HP. It might be a pain to copy-paste the event into every troop, but I think I heard somewhere that there's a plugin you can use to make certain events apply to all troops automatically. I'm pretty sure this will work...

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