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Tale's Casino Escape is an ABS (action battle system) adventure RPG. All the qualities of a good RPG have been combined and applied at Tale's Casino Escape.

Here are some of the game's features:

EVERY enemie can be your PET. By killing an enemy, you have a small chance of dropping it´s ball. If you get it, you can use it as your PET.


- Stat Points Distribution
When you level up, you earn points to distribute on your attributes, such as Strength, Defense, Max HP, and so on. (For you and your PETs)


- Upgrade characters traits (CT recovery, pharmacology, etc)

Like every good RPG, the game has money. You earn money by killing enemies, and by selling items. With this money you can upgrade your character traits!

- Collect stars and unlock new stages! (Like in Super Mario Galaxy)
Each stage has some quests to complete, for each completed quest you get a star!

- Collect letters during the stage (Like in Donkey Kong you had to get K O N G)
During a stage you can get 4 letters. To get these letters, you will probably have to face a puzzle, or find them hidden somewhere.

- Skills (learn new skills by leveling up)
Each Pet has a different skill. By raising your pet to a certain level, you will learn his skill!

- Combos
The game has a QTE (Quick Time Event) system for combos. Do the QTE correctly and make a perfect combo!

- Hidden Items
Like every good RPG, the game is full of hidden things! You will have to beat puzzles and have logical thinking to find them.

Mini games and logical challenges
As said above, the game is challenging. You will have to think of several solutions if you want to complete the game 100%.
*If you do not like puzzles, and logical thinking mini games, do not worry, you can play the game until the end without having to beat these types of challenges.

- Automatic save game after complete stages
No need to open any window to save the game

- Check points during the game
Like most games today, the game has checkpoints during the stage. So if you die don't worry, you will return to the last checkpoint automatically.

- All characters and PETs have their own personality and voices
To introduce some humor, charisma and affection for the characters and the story, all characters and PETs have their own voices, and they speak during the game.
Conversations during the game also have voice acting.

...and much more!
The game is full of good details! Come check it out you will not regret it!

Once upon a time there was a girl who worked in a casino. She worked so hard, that she couldn't even leave the casino. In fact, she was a prisoner.

So, one day, on a dark and cold night, she gets out of bed, and in light steps she begins to execute her master plan, ESCAPE FROM THE CASINO.






















Denis Kuznetsov (DK) – Full Input Plugin

John Clifford (Trihan) – Secondary HUD Plugin

Moghunter – Plugins: ActionName, BattleHud, DmgPopupEffects, BossHP, ComboCounter, CharacterMotion, EventIndicators, DizzyEffect, TreasurePopup, Weather_EX, PickuoThrow, ActorHud, GoldHud, CharPoses, EventSensor, ChronoEngine, ChronoATBHud, ChronoEnemyHP, ChronoToolHud, ChronoCT Galv – Message Styles, Dynamic Traits, and ScreenButtons plugins

SumRndmDde (SRD) – StatDistribution, SupertoolsEngine, SellShop Plugins

@Aloe Guvner – He made a StatDistribution AddOn Plugin, and helped me a lot in the RPG Maker forum answering a lot of questions that I had. Thank you very very much my friend!

@Gamefall Team – He made a Chrono Engine AddOn plugin and helped me with some modifications. It's a very nice and caring person. It's a pleasure to talk to him.

Karberus – SimpleFollowerControl Plugin

Yanfly – PictureCommonEvents, ScreenResolution and ButtonCommonEvent plugins

@Magnus0808 – He made a Sellshop AddOn and SimpleEquipmentMenu Plugins for me. This guy is the guy! He is very caring and intelligent. He helped me a lot!! Thank you very much for your help!!

Hudell – OrangeHud Plugin






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