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EnmxDev(now known as RPGMVDevs) on google play

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Some thief on google play and many other android websites, has been stealing games from RMN and uploading them with ad revenue to try and earn some cash, if your games has been posting there please contact the website admin or their contact us page to try and get it removed. DO NOT CONTACT THE UPLOADER VIA EMAIL or you will get spammed in your emails. here is a list of websites that are known where he has been uploading to: 






google play


here are a list of games, most of which was used in jam contests like IGMC etc.

he has known to have stolen from:


- Chosen
- The Perfectionist
- Chelsea
- The Last Summer
- Millitibus Elements
- Once Apon the Woods
- Two Clusters: Kain
- Around Me, crimson stained leaves
- Fear Society
- The Ledge
- Nightmare Traveler
- Hide Heart
- The Abyssal of the Opera
- The Rock and the Rose
- Abyssal Shine: Nevermelt
- Traum
- Bhavacakra Grace

- Bhavacakra
- Turtle Head
- Until Daybreak
- Flatwoods
- The Maker of Dreams
- Noah
- Finding Chibae
- The Sculpter
- Azurael's Circle
- Antadin
- Tales of Yuria
- I Object!?
- Moop
- Sins of Daisy
- Dreams of Sword
- Willistoria
- Creaking
- Hazmat
- Prey With Gun
- When Yandere's Cry

- The fall

- Beyond the pale

- Lost in fantasy 2

- Craig

- Willstoria

- The reborn world(an SMT Fangame that uses ATLUS resources)

- Acrylic

- Star Child


I have only ever been able to get my game removed off Google play, the other sites are far more complicated to deal with.

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