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Which Battle System Do You Prefer from RPG Maker MV?

RPG Maker MV's Battle System  

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A game's battle system is an important factor for its success. A great battle system elevates your game's quality, but a bad battle system will disappoint players. Most developers with the RPG Maker do not have experience in software and coding. Thankfully the RPG Maker MV has two options for a battle system. First, we have the classic side view battle system. It features the enemies and characters on the screen. Second, we have the front view battle system. The screen only shows the enemies on the screen from a first person point of view.


I prefer the side view battle system. It looks cleaner and more natural in my opinion. I want a 3rd person point of view instead of looking through the character's eyes. It is awesome watching the characters act in battle. I can see a fallen party member or a wounded hero. That imagery feels me with emotion as my favorite has fallen in battle and I must help them!


On the other side, we have the front view battle system. I've never liked this style.I can't see the characters swing a sword or cast a powerful spell with their hands in motion. 


These are just mine opinions. I would love to hear yours!

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