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Organic Overworld Maps using RTP

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Just recently I finished making an overworld map using RPG Maker MV. It has become kind of a hobbie to me. I haven't really made anything else in the software besides using the map editor, I'm sure I can't get a game done on my own. Since you're basically creating pixel art, I started experimenting and creating a few maps on my own.


The video above is a timelapse of a 4 hour process in which I just sat down and "freestyled" a map from scratch on the editor. You'll be able to see how I went from the most basic shapes to detailing and giving the map texture for a very organic look. It may not be pratical for a game, but I think that the ending result turned out great. I want to post it here for anyone wanting to use as reference for future projects given that the process itself is pretty straight forward.


You can also download those as free resources and import to your project in my page:






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I wish there was a way to fix the dirt outline so terrain textures could blend. This is great work because you don't notice it as much on the complete map.


I struggle with the way Ace did the ground tiles. I'm not witty enough as a mapper to make it work on a large scale, even with a custom sheet, seems there's always an area where I get a dirt outline.


Remember how you could isolate, copy and paste entire tiles on the 2Ks? I miss that.

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