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Custom Loose Leaf Sprites

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I downloaded the Loose Leaf resources a while back. They come as a series of png files and are adjusted to 3x4 frames for easy importing to earlier Makers like Ace. I've gotten good at splicing together custom sprites using these files, and I expanded my library a little during that process. Since the site is down I've decided to take requests for custom sprites.


This is primarily for miscellaneous requests, as many as you want, but I'm not looking to sprite a whole game down to the NPCs. I am participating in an upcoming project and I'm going to sprite the whole thing with loose leafs. So for now if you want to sprite your whole game custom, I can take some requests and give you a link to the resource pack so you can do the rest of your game.



I have some samples of my recent works with the resources.


Some FF Job sprites I did. Still working on the female versions and Library at the same time.



Some of the females.




Miscellaneous sprites. 





I've come up with a form to fill out containing the basic information I can work from. Get as detailed as you want. If you want to tell me what color every clothing item should be, that works. I save pnd files so anything can be edited after first drafts, and I don't mind. I want your sprites to be perfect for you, as many drafts/redos as that takes.


Template: (Which you want used, male or female)

Height: (Tall or short. Tall is a regular LL sprite, short is the dwarf/young resize I made.)



Size: (Regular or muscular.)



Outfit Description

Outfit Color Scheme: (If not specified in detail above, you can provide a general scheme you'd like)

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Extra: (Any extra details. Eye scars, missing arm, elvish, skin color etc.)



You do not need to credit me. I am going to find out the exact nature of LL sprites in terms of who you need to credit. Mack is one of them.







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New muscular template for male sprites.




The athletic female template will be ready soon. 

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