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Anyone still need Yanfly's Plugins?

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After hearing the unsettling news about Yanfly's Plugins being locked behind a paywall, and that anyone who downloaded them for free already can still use them freely, I feel like he's punishing innocent users for what a few bad apples have done which I don't agree with. So to help out those who still need them, I'm providing my collection of his plugins.

(Yanfly has stated that he doesn't want his 'free' plugins redistributed (WTF?) Yanfly's 'Free' Plugins list )

Disclaimer to Mods: Yanfly hasn't stated whether or not those who already have his plugins can redistribute them freely (they were FREE after all. So if you think this isn't ok, go & ask Yanfly directly & if he says he doesn't allow this, screenshot his message & PM me the proof & then you can delete the link or topic, but until Yanfly himself says so, leave this alone. I'm only doing this to help out the community who feels a bit screwed over on this.

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had to remove a link & update info

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Wow, more reason to stick with VX Ace unless someone else does MV plugins to the same caliber.

Addendum: At least the VX Ace plugins are untouched by this...I hope that remains so.

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