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This is a project I started in 2016 and on which I worked for only few weeks. In 2019 I stumbled upon an old version of the code which I have tested & refactored (a little bit). I also decided to restart working on it on my free time - which I almost have not - and open source it with the hopes that some other cool people upgrade it!

I have used RPG Maker since its 2000 version. Discovered it when I was a kid and used it to make many (very bad) games. It clearly impacted a lot on my creativity and my development desires. Later on, as a French-speaking person, I discovered a (now dead) project named FROG Creator which was a dedicated at creating MMORPG in a RPG Maker-like environment.

With the release of RPG MAKER MV which allows usage of JavaScript and its HTML5 export, I decided to give it a try and discovered quickly that yes, RPG Maker MV could easily be used to create an MMORPG creator interface.

How to use ?
Video : [IMG]

Plugins requirement
Disclaimer : All the files are already contained in the project.

Launch steps

  1. git clone the repo
  2. Install NodeJS and npm i in the server folder
  3. Install RethinkDB and rethinkdb in the server folder
  4. node mmo.js in the server folder
  5. Start the RPG Maker MV project.

Congratulations! Your game is now an MMORPG.

Current functionalities

  • Synchronized player movements
  • Synchronized skins
  • Persistence of position & skin
  • Persistence of stats
  • Persistence of inventory & equipment
  • Persistence of local switches
  • Persistence of global switches
  • Global and local map system
  • In-game chat

Improvements to do :

  • Improve in-game chat UX with keybindings and so on
  • Add RESTFUL API for outside game interactions
  • Create inter-players interactivity (trades, pvp, ...)
  • (Continuous) Refactor entire code base
  • (MUCH LATER) Server-side anti-cheat

Join Discord (real time updates etc...) :

Download :

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