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$5 Music Store | All the styles!

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My music web store (OK, it's a blog) lets you browse what I have available for purchase. These tracks are 100% yours once purchased.


Addition, since I specialize in RPG music, for my podcast I have composed original music in the style of the game being featured. Check them out here. Those tracks can be used royalty-free in your game!



Need custom music?
I'll do any style you want--just name a game or soundtrack and I can match the style!

Need an NES/SNES/PS1/whatever retro sounding track? Check!  
Need a lo-fi chill beat? Check!  
Need a grand orchestral piano concertino? Check!  
Need a rocking battle theme with ridiculous organ riffs and crazy drums? Check!  


$20 for any track under 2 minutes.

Special deals for "jingles" (e.g. sleeping at the inn, completing a quest)

Delivery in 2-5 days.


¡Se habla español!



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