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Twine developper who wants to switch to rpgm

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Hello there,


I'm a college student who develop games for fun. I'm actually working on my first project on rpgm mv, so I decided to join this community to share with your guys my work and maybe find useful ressources. 


In real life I'm a 21 years old economy student, I'm from Belgium. 


Have a nice day !

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Twine huh? And you decided to develop in RPG Maker? Hmmm.... Any particular reason? I mean, beyond them both being used to make games, I wonder if there is any overlap in the type of you want to make? Hehe... I can think of one type of game that is fairly popular to make in twine while having quite a few made in RPG Maker also... I might be off the mark, but I always find those types of games interesting... ❤️

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