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Hello, old friends! It's me, Purple Phantom!

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Let me begin by saying how great it is to be back! I never thought I'd see the day I could safely return. It's been over a year now and I'm psyched to be back in such a wonderful and friendly community of people.


Last year, an old enemy of mine decided to make the rounds in my life once again and basically ruined the whole thing. My reputation on multiple sites and Discord servers was smeared and I'm certain it won't be fixed any time soon. People are refusing to believe me because, well, why couldn't I just change my password (like I hadn't tried that anyway)? Why didn't I tell anyone (I did)? Why didn't I do something? It's all fun and games until your enemy becomes good at hacking. Then you're doomed. LUCKILY, that was all dealt with.


I have no doubt the friends of one LonnesDev/Akihasu-Senpai will come after me in one way or another once I show my face on Discord publically once again, but that's something I can handle now. I've taken nearly a year to recover from the mess, fix the mess and finally get my life back together. I can handle the crap that'll come from my coming back. I learned that sometimes you have to toughen up and learn how to not actually care what people think. As the saying goes, "Love me or hate me, you're just making me famous!" I'm truly sad that it ended the way it did, but there's no going back now. Also, if he'd actually do something about the floods of anonymous hatemail my friends and I have been getting, perhaps I wouldn't utterly despise him so much. Just a thought, if any of his friends or he himself are reading this~


Also, last year I came out as a transgender man. I was incorrect in that and would like to correct myself here. It turns out I'm agender with a leaning towards the lady side. My apologies for the confusion there, I was admittedly a little hasty with my coming out.


Purple Phantom's back and she's going nowhere this time.


Yes, I'm still working on my Eddsworld projects. You can find that here and my original content here.


I'll be using AutumnAbsinthe and Absinthe Ingram from now on. I had to abandon Purple Phantom and Lazybones (for the most part on that last one). 😕

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Hello there. Glad to see you're doing well, or, as well as one could possibly be after what you've been through.
(you can confide in me-I don't act on the 'shoot first ask questions later if ever' mentality-something that makes me a bad admin but a better person lol)

I haven't even been active on that particular server in some time, but I can give you two viable server suggestions that won't be judgmental, my own and IndieGameLover.

And as far as your stalker is concerned...grrr...

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