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I am super super new here and to the software. My sibling got a humble bundle a few weeks ago with duplicates of RPGMakers had they already had so they got past onto me.  I Hope this is a place where I, who has exactly 0 experience with RPGMaker outside of a game that was more me doodling on paper while my sibling actually executes the doodles as a game, can learn how to be competent with the program.

I believe the versions I have are VX Ace, MV, and XP(?)


I'm a person who learns by copying so a lot of my questions on this forum are probably going to be "So I'm learning X Mechanic by rebuilding Y part of Z game, how do I __________?" until I've learned enough to start building something original.

Personally I'm more of a drawer than a builder though...
I have a love for older looking sprite work.

giphy (2).gif

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Greetings and welcome!

We've all started from the beginning, just do what you enjoy doing and learn what you'd like to know. 

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Welcome to the misfit fam.
(like you I got the majority of the RM engines I have via Humble Bundle)

Enjoy yourself, and hopefully we'll see a game from ya at some point.

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