This is an 8-Bit cover of 'You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song', a song from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - S07E13: The Perfect Pear.

To give some backstory, the episode featuring that song is about ponies learning about their parents' and the feud between families.
🍎Apple and 🍐Pear families were constantly at odds with each other over who were the better farmers. The only two members of each family to get along were Pear Butter of the 🍐Pears and Bright Mac of the 🍎Apples. Despite the heated rivalry between their families, their childhood friendship eventually blossomed into a beautiful romance, unaccepted by any of the families. This led to some dramatic choices...   So in short, it's kiiinda like Romeo and Juliet.   I have to admit, that it sounds rather cliche, but I really liked that episode, which motivated me to do something productive, so here it is, my 8-bit version of the song, made in FamiTracker. 👍