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OTHER Seriel's Github? What Happened?

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I was looking through some old bookmarks I made, and wanted to grab a script written by @Seriel, only to find, 404.


What happened? Did ya give up on it or something? If these can be found elsewhere, I'd love to know. Merci beaucoup.

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I changed my GitHub username from "Seriell" to "Erisa" a while ago, gists aren't redirected and that's why you're getting a 404 despite my best efforts.


Your old links should work if you change the username in the URL, but I also made a repository to house all the ones I've made and you can find that here: https://github.com/Erisa/RPG-Maker-Scripts

Unlike gists, repositories will actually redirect across username changes so that URL should be good to go in the future. I have no plans to ditch any of my creations, accidents just happen sometimes. Sorry about that!


Feel free to send me a message (Through PM here or on Discord) if you have any problems like this in the future. I don't check this forum as much as I should, it's only by luck I found your thread as fast as I did. A forum PM will send me an email and alert me more than a thread can. (Apparently mentions dont send emails?)

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@Seriel I guess not, lolz
(I actually wondered if that might of been the case but no way to be certain)
@That One NPC That is so true, and some of it is vanishing behind paywalls, or into asset packs...
(if I can grab them via Steam it's fine)

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