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A small set of RTP-styled Christmas objects

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Hello all!

I've been around here for a while, Mostly to share my two current game projects.
However, while working on my new game, and building in a Christmas event that shows up

during the December month I realized that most Christmas resources are no longer available.

As such, I set out to make some of my own, Edits compatible with the RTP style.
Since this is the season of giving I decided I should share them with whoever may find them useful.

It's not a lot But it should still help make your maps look a bit more festive.
2 Christmas trees
2 Wreaths
2 lines of Christmas lights
A set of Christmas stockings





To use, Save this image into your project's "Characters" folder and make sure the name starts with a dollar sign ($)

You can now put these in your map as events.

You can credit me if you want, Either as "Kayako" "Kogako" or "Rin" but you don't have to!

Have fun~!

Happy holidays!
and Merry Christmas to all~

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Happy Yule yesyes~! If anyone has any ideas of objects that they would like added I can see what I can do and if it's within my ability~
I probably wouldn't be able to do anything complicated like a sleigh or Reindeer though, I'm not quite at the level yet!

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