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Devil's Due (TEAM NEEDED)

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Dear Creators, 


I am an Indie game dev who has worked for the past year on "Devil's Due", a puzzle game with horror elements inspired by various Japanese manga and anime. It is set in an enchanted world with a Victorian style, and follows a young witch named Victoria Bently, who along with her best friend, werewolf Rudolph Hemming, searches a cursed ship to find her missing nanny and father. The ship changes shape and layout on a whim, all secretly orchestrated by the nanny, who is a demon punishing the father for his sins. 


The father was born cursed to be ugly, covered in scars and burns. He married a noble witch, had a child (Victoria), and when Victoria was still a baby, he begged his wife to cure him. She could not understand why he wished to be cured at all, and in his rage, the father slowly drained all magic from her, giving her an agonizing death. However, the draining of her magic did succeed in making him beautiful. 


Required: I cannot draw, and thus require artists for character busts and picture cutscenes (think of Mad Father as an example). Assistance to improve the story as we go would also be greatly appreciated, as no matter how good a game looks, the story must also be engaging. Assistance with puzzle design and ideas is also required, as a helping hand is always vital. 


Optional: Composers for custom music, and pixel artists for custom tilesets, programmers for custom sprite movements (blinking, sitting, etc).


Program Used: RPG Maker MV


I am unable to pay for these services, so I understand that it may turn people away. I apologize deeply for this. However, I do hope that at least some of you will be willing to work with me to make this dream come true. 


Included here are some screenshots from the demo I am currently adding to (keep in mind all resources are placeholders). 



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