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Buongiorno a tutti!

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Hello everyone!

I'm Tyseus, as you can easily read as my username, and I'm a maker from Italy.

I did a couple of complete projects in the past, but unfortunately both were in Italian, so...

I'll be in this forum mainly to ask stuff like "does this plugin/script exist?" or "how do I put this in the formula", since despite owning VXAce since 2013/14 I'm still fairly new to it.

(I've literally bought MV a week ago and still I'm not using it, so ofc I'm new to it).


I hope I can find the help I need, while also hoping to somehow help someone else with simple stuff.


Edit: Forgot to mention that I can compose music, despite not being a professionist for that either, so I'm probably goin' to contribute with music packs.

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Easily my favorite saga should be Pokémon, but I'm not sure about what my "favorite game" could be.

As of now I'm a lot into Smash Bros Ultimate: it could be the most addicting fighting(?) game ever.

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