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Text Smiles No Longer Will Be Turned Into Emoticons

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Hello everyone,


Today I made a small change, or rather fixed something.

So far if you typed stuff like :) c: D: etc. the text editor was automatically turning these into emoticons, which made it potentially frustrating to ones, who prefer to use the text emoticons, rather than these fancy smiles. For example, if someone wanted to put :) , the text editor was like "NO, use :) instead, no need to thank 👌" and then, that someone could be like "NU I WANT [ :) ], u have a problem with that boi?! 🔫🤨" and enter an eternal struggle with the editor.


I set that to OFF in the first place, but looks like something glitched and it kept doing this anyway, so I went to ACP with my 🔫 and fixed that.


So yeah, if someone notices, that c: or :) will no longer be automatically turned into emoticons, blame me.


To answer potential questions: You can still bring emoticons by typing their names, like:


- will turn that into 😄.

Typing " : " and two letters will begin search, where that fancy window with emoticons opens below your text cursor.

I only disabled these short codes like :) c: :D.


Also: Yes, I know that emoticon search tends to glitch along with mentioning. It's not our fault, it's a global bug within forum soft, to put that in a simple way. Not much I can do about that. 😢

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