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Recruiting for large project

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Payment: While I don't have the money to pay people out of pocket I can pay you a percentage of all profits at a minimum of 5% so please make sure you are okay with that. I say minimum because they will be equal shares to all staff so depending on the eventual size of the staff that number can grow but I will make sure it doesn't fall below 5%.


Nature of Project: To gather a team meant to help build a large and ambitious JRPG. Should things go as we are aiming for then eventually much of the team will be working on several future projects eventually making it to a proper consoles as a small developer company. To accomplish this the first few games will be focused on capturing an audience and each game will have fully functional demo releases and regular updates as the games are being completed in order to keep people interested. Several game series' have been designed by me, each with their own world maps, lores and upwards of about 80 characters across them all. On top of that numbers only continue to grow. Needless to say, joining us could eventually become something great as we intend to make something of ourselves.


Engine: RPG Maker MV


Game Title: Final Guidance


Synopsis: This game will run and function like so many RPGs before it. A large world map, battle parties of four, the usual. What sets it apart is it's pixel based movement, ATB battle system, an incredibly large and detailed item and equipment lists, a large quest list hopefully exceeding a couple hundred at least, complex element and weakness designs, etc. Expect a deeply written story and world lore that forces history to repeat itself in a massive six-hundred year cycle that truly embodies the phrase "sins of the father". This is a virtually never ending turmoil that proceeds for generations. Needless to say that this will be a multigame project if the first one does well enough.

Positions/Roles Needed: I personally am a pretty competent writer and world builder myself but unfortunately I am no good at pixel art or music composition among the other talents I would need to tackle this project on my own. I'm not sure how many of each we'll need since this project is going to be quite large in size over all so don't be shy if you see we already have one or two recruited in an area since we may still be in need of more. As such here is a list of the roles I need filled:


•Composers for creating original works of music and sound effects for the project

All composers collected


•Graphic Artists and Animators for all visual resources and ideally short anime themed cutscenes.

0 recruited


•Voice Actors for the various main and side characters  who will appear in the cutscenes.

0 recruited


Optional Positions/Roles:


0 recruited



0 recruited



0 recruited


My Role(s)/Position(s): I personally will be working on the writing, mapping, eventing, basically the story itself, world design and potentially a bit of voice acting should the project reach the best possible outcome.

Skill Trade: I don't have too much experience in the industry yet but I am a competent writer and if required of me I can assist with any world building, unique story concepts among other things should you need such assistance. I am also a talented artist in the manga style though not so much on the computer. Aside from that I might be able to treat the collective resources from this project as a unified cache for everyone on the project to allow anyone who helps to use any of the resources from the project. That being said, that will depend on everyone's collective agreement of course.


Characters, Setting and World Development: I would like to keep as much of this as quiet as I can until my team has been decided as I'm sure you all can understand. That being said the game takes place on a large, multicontinental, earth-like planet infected with an intense energy which grants those exposed to it abilities unique to the individual. However this energy is as much a curse as it is a blessing but more on that later. The story focuses around two young males, residents of an isolated village within a forest so vast, firtle and fast growing that it's villagers truly believe that this is all there is to the world and that they, along with the occasional tribe of savages who once tried to explore beyond the trees, are the only form of human-kind out there. The two young men have refused to believe this teaching since childhood and have spent their days coming up with ways to leave anx explore the world beyond. One day their wish is granted as everything is taken from them and an unlikely passage to the outside makes itself known. On this journey you will learn the dark secrets of your enemies as well as your family and the very world it's This is as much a quest of discovery as it it of vengeance, growth and inner turmoil.


Screenshots: Working on it.


Tags: RPG, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Puzzle

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