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A better Skill Scene

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Buonasera, miei simili!
Recently, I thought it would be cool if I could have a way to better explain my skills in game.

The best solution, ofc, would be to edit the way the Skill Scene, accessible from the menu, looks.

The closest I came to the way I'd like to see it is through Dekita's Skill Scene: this script does almost exactly what I thought to do.

However, there's one thing that bugs me heavily about it: it's pretty much plug n' play, and there's very little customization given to the maker.

In fact, the way this script works is completely automatic: it automatically takes the element used, automatically gives and writes the percentages of add and removal of states, automatically tells you even information you DON'T WANT to reveal (like a skill that gives you a placeholder state that does nothing, only for the sake of it not saying it's missing, despite it not missing).


Basically, I'd like to know what a solution would be to have a more customizable Skill Scene, to have the player get all the information needed from the skill, since 2 strings of text is really not enough to tell the player what a skill does.

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I use this script to avoid that missing/failed message myself.


Anyway, so does that mean you would want something where you manually enter all the information for every skill? That sounds like kind of a pain. I have made a new item scene using this script to name traits/effects which has the pretty neat ability to name particular combinations of values, and I know it works for skills too (after all skills are basically a kind of item internally). I don't know if it can hide information though, and I am not sure any skill menu script exists that uses it.

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Thanks for the solution, but unfortunately ALL of the scripts on that site lead to dead links (which is a BIG shame, since there was some very interesting stuff).

Eventually I found Soulpour's Expanded Skill Description, which does EXACTLY what I needed.

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That's Anti Fail tho, which I happen to already have installed in my project (in which it doesn't work for some reason, possibly due to popups).

The site full of dead links is Grimoire Castle actually.

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