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Neon Prestine has always wanted to travel to space, and see other planets. He was just at work one day when a woman named Liabelle showed asking for help. Afterward a man named Aline appears to get his aid in stopping a race known as Zeldavyans from a planet called Zel. Little does he know is that everything is about to change.





Earth: Our home world. Over the centuries humans have learned to accept other alien races. Earth became home to many races afterword.

Tavi: This planet is home to the Tavian race. It is a nice planet with lots of green, and plants. There is advanced technology, but nature is also maintained.

Arion: A cold winter like planet. Although it is livable, the inhabitants sometimes have trouble with the power going out in they're houses due to the cold. The planet stays cold all year round. The highest the temperature ever gets is forty.

Zel: This planet is like Earth. However it's inhabitants don't like visitors. It is basically a planet of a lot advanced technology. Some even say it is far beyond Earth's technology.

No, one actually knows what this planet is like though, because most races avoid it.

Jomi: A recently destroyed planet, once a planet covered with tropical islands and romantic landscaped, it was home to a diverse collection of sentient humanoid races. It was destroyed by the people of Zel.

Ordial: A warm, and cozy planet. It is actually home to cats, and dogs. The cats, and dogs on this planet can talk, and think like other races. Originally they came from here. A small number left during the times of ancient Egypt due to a pollution crisis they were having then. When they came to Earth they pretended not to be as smart as people to avoid suspicion. However now, it no longer matters.

-The planets of the Zodiac(a.k.a. The twelve colonies of Ophiuchus)-

Aries: This is a simple planet; the inhabitants refuse to use technology and live a simple life off what they can grow off the planet. Those that live here refuse to allow technology to enter the planet, and are cautious of those who would try to use technology against them.

Leo: Leo is a planet where they do trade. They have resources other planets need in order to survive. They are famous for being able to drill Star Fluid. A special oil for top notch space crafts.

Sagittarius: This planet is where most of the temples are. They are very spiritual here. However it is very easy to offend them if you use a wrong gesture. They are calm, and humble spirituals here.

Taurus: Taurus is a warm spring like planet all year round. People here can grow things that they cannot grow on Aries, or the other colonies due to temperature issues.

Virgo: This planet is where most of the lawyers, and rich folks come from. It is known to be an elegant planet, and one of the most rich colonies. The people here can afford almost anything they want. However most of them are snobs. Spite that it is a hot summer planet all round.

Capricorn: Capricorn is where engineers are from. Cars, trucks, to space crafts, anything electronic is made, and fixed here. The people here are well educated, and can fix anything electronic. This planet has seasons like Earth.

Gemini: The people here study scriptures carefully. They are basically scholars, and historians. Although they study scriptures not all of them believe them, or follow them. This planet has seasons like Earth, but the wind can get pretty high at times.

Libra: Libra is a planet of architects. The people here can build the best buildings, and temples. They build things for presidents, emperors, empresses, and kings, and queens. This planet is fall temperature all year round.

Aquarius: Part of this planet is unlivable due to extreme cold. In the livable parts it has crystal mines, where the people mine for crystals, and gems. The planet is known for the best material to make the most beautiful jewelry with the stones it can mine.

Cancer: A desert like planet. However it is livable. There is no, real water here, so they people who live here have to get water from Pisces,or Scorpio, or make man made lakes. The reason people live in such a desert like planet is because it is the only known colony with a very needed resource called Drive Water. Drive Water is used for ships to power their jump drives. That way they can easily jump miles away in space when needed.

Scorpio: Scorpio is a nice, and comfortable weather planet year round. It has many beaches. It is also where people build boats, and ships that sail on water. The people here are kind, and more respectful than the other colonies.

Pisces: A planet made up of oceans. The people here built their towns, and cities underwater, because there is almost no dry land here. However it is a nice place to visit, and see many unusual fish through the glass of the towns, and cities.

Ophiuchus: This planet is the true birth place of all humans. However no, one knows why they left, to find Earth. It is said they left the planet long before many humans lived on Earth. This planet has not been visited, or had any communication with the colonies, and planets for centuries. Many wonder if it is abandoned. The reason they cannot see for themselves is because a extremely thick fog covers the planet, and destroys even the quickest, and most advanced space ships, and crafts.

























tiger rawer


Arabian Tiles Resource Pack


Frontier Works Futuristic Heroes Pack


RPG Maker 3 Music Pack



Victor Saint


Mog Hunter


If I forgot to credit anyone please let me know.












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nice looking game, good job getting it out there. Once I get my new hard-drive installed I will see about playing it, which will probably be like sunday. so prolly a day or 2 after I can see about playing it :)

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