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rpg maker 2k3 How to make an event activate another event?

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Switches. These are little triggers you can manipulate to identify and activate changes in the game.


●When you find Switches in the editor, you'll notice there are tons of blank switches, I think 999-9999. Pick One. Any One. Let's say 0001.


●Label 0001 as whatever you want. Test01.


●Go to the event you want to be your trigger modifier. Wherever you want your trigger to be, go to Switches, Test01 - On.


●Now head over to the thing you want to be triggered. Create a new page. Set the conditions for that page to Test01 is On.


Now whenever that Switch is set to On, that event will run the page you set up for Test01.


This works for custom settings, changing npc dialogue, common events, everything.


This is the bread and butter of eventing.

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I'm fairly certain I did what you said right. Maybe I should try to explain it differently. I want a certain tile that warps the player to remain locked until the player activated a certain dialogue. 

Then the player can go to that tile and warp to the new area. Maybe that is what you were explaining and I'm just a super noob.

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Yeah, the point made above works, but 2003 has a lot of advanced level stuff that could also be used, such as tile-specific data.
Of course, this is stuff that would require the use of variables and parallel process events.

(now seeing reply)
Yeah, have the switch activate after dialogue ends. Makes sure the switch used matches the switch required for the tile warp to be active.

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Make the first page of the event blank, condition Test01 - Off


2nd Page set up the teleportation. Make sure the trigger type is On touch, and not auto (or you will tele as soon as the switch is turned on, and not when you touch teleporr area).


Set the condition for the 2nd page as Test01 - On.


After the dialogue portions of your events, place your Switching changes, and use another Switch to turn that page off and make a new one so that chain of events cannot be run through again.


This should work.

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