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What're Ya Buyin?

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Hello Stranger!


What's something you want to buy, but are too poor to buy right now, like me??

Seriously, what's something that's realistically something you would buy if you had the money, right around now. 

Don't be like, 

"I want an Olympic swimming pool and a mansion and ten cars!"


It has to be something that's just outside of your means, right now. Like if you saved up a bit of money, or got a promotion, you'd be able to get it. 

Something that's on your radar right now.

You can make lists, as long as each one of them is within the realistic means I mentioned above. 


Here's my list I thought of :

A computer that can play 2019 games (mine can barely play The Witcher Enhanced Edition. As in The Witcher 1)

A new TV, with all that smart TV crap that I know nothing about.

One of those crazy self cleaning litter boxes for kitties. 




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@PhoenixSoul I think I might go ahead and add Vita to my list ^^

I have a few homebrew systems, a Wii, a PSP and a PS2. The PS2 was the most fun experience adding homebrew, the PSP was the easiest and the Wii was the most overall rewarding result.

Of course....this is purely done for the purposes of voiding those pesky warranties. I'd never actually use them to do anything you aren't supposed to.... 


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