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I want to make it to where my lead character defeats a boss and a bunch of slaves run free, but, how do I make the slaves running away things happen after the boss is defeated? Is it a complex event or switch? If this is the wrong forum, I apologize, I'm still trying to figure that stuff out, thank you in advance!

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I'm not sure what exactly you mean and I'm not sure about MV, but I believe it all is similar to Ace. ~ Do you mean making slaves run away after battle? Then you can simply use a switch and then make events happen while that switch is true. It could be an autorun event with bunch of move route commands, that would move events (slaves) to exit or something.


... or is it all happening during battle and the slaves are enemies (targets you might accidentally hit/kill)?

Again, I'm not sure about MV, but have you tried using battle events (or something like this MV might have)?


In Ace you can set battle events in the troops tab, where you configure random encounters and such (place enemies etc.). It can be set to be triggered when specified enemy is defeated:


and then use the force action command, to force the other enemies to use skill "Escape". In Ace there is an "Escape" skill by default, which can be used by enemies to run away.


(the configuration above makes the second slime escape immediately after the first one being killed)


I don't own MV, so I can't check anything, but I believe it should be similar, if not the same process.


I guess toy around and see what can be done. 😉

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