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Hello Everyone!

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Just wanted to drop by and say hi to everyone! I'm new to this forum, making the change from the RPG Maker Web forums to this one. Not that I'm leaving that forum, just expanding my horizons, you might say.

Anyway, hello to all! :)

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@hello PapaDragon, I'm cheating on RPGMakerWeb, as well!  RMW is great and everything, but I feel like RMC really gets me, and cares about what I want. LIke when RMW and I first met. I'm gonna tell RMW I just...I need time. 

Anyway, have fun!

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Can horizons actually be expanded? I mean a horizon is basically a line marking the place where land and sky are divided in your view, so what would expanding them actually mean? Since it basically cuts your whole view into two parts, you can't really make the line wider. Making it thicker really just means it's more fuzzy where the separation actually is. Maybe if you look at it like a circle around you and it's like expanding the circle? Viewing things from a higher vantage point will do that, so I guess that makes sense. Wow, what do you know? Drugged out hippies were right! Getting high really does expand your horizons after all! :3


*sprinkles fairy dust on the draggy*

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