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Need help with script for "Monster Capture"

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I am needing help on how to do some things, or get a script recommendation that can achieve my desired effects.

Essentially I am just wanting to be able to Recruit Enemies into Party. I've searched the web and haven't had luck in finding the proper help, but I know this is somewhat a commonly asked thing.

How I want it to work is, when only 1 enemy left alive and is >=25%HP, that you can use "Recruit", and success rate of if the enemy joins or not is based on variables per enemy.

Any help with this is much appreciated. Thus far I've only had minor success in accomplishing this, but so far still not at all as I'm intending it to be.


Also couple other things I'm trying to figure out at the moment,

Is there a way I can restrict max party to 3?

And any thing that is or is similar to when you get newly acquired party members, they go to "town" (if your party is currently full), and only at "town" you can manage who is in your active party? (as an example of type of system I mean, something basically similar to Pokemon, how when you have 6 mons already, a newly caught mon goes to the PC)


Thanks much for any advice and help.

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