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Drawing EXP Gauge in Simple Status

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So, here's the skivvy:

I'm using Hime's EXP Gain Effect. One issue I have with this is when using the item, there's no way of telling how much of an effect the item is having unless the character levels up. So, I need to know how to draw EXP on the menu page as a bar akin to VP/MP/TP. I already have Yanfly's Core and Menu Engines in place.

I'll share the code I have thus far:


class Window_Base < Window
  # * Draw EXP
  def draw_actor_exp(actor, x, y, width = 124)
    draw_gauge(x, y, width, actor.exp_rate, tp_gauge_color1, tp_gauge_color2)
    draw_text(x, y, 60, line_height, Vocab::Expbar)
    draw_current_and_max_values(x, y, width, actor.exp.floor, actor.next_exp,
    tp_color(actor), normal_color)



As for Vocab::Expbar, that is in a modified Vocab addon I made.
My main thing is what should go in place of actor.exp_rate since that is not defined, or if I were to define it, how to do so. I can deal with the gauge colors later since defining new ones wouldn't be too difficult to do.

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