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Hi! I'm new to this community/forum (i dunno which is what) and I'm actually here to get some ideas from you guys for a game I was thinking about. I'm not actually old enough or allowed to make games yet (by my parents) or to learn coding since I still study high school atm. Maybe if I get old enough to chase my dreams as a game dev I can get some help from you guys. I'm looking forward to meet new friends who can help and share ideas with each other, that's all. (I'm Filipino btw, so I dunno if my English is good?)

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Hello and welcome!

Not old enough, nor allowed to make games? Not epic

Just kidding, you can always treat it as just a hobby for now, no one forces you to abandon school or something in order to make games. There's no need to be dramatic about that, at least yet. 😁


Good luck and have fun!

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