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How To Make An Open World RPG

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How To Make An Open-World RPG

*Required items* rpg maker MV | Alpha ABS| Everything else is optional and will be linked when used in the videos



Welcome To The Island Of Hearth


It was 10 decades ago when the portal opened and from

it evil so old, that only old and ancient magic

forgotten to the world can defeat It. Many have fallen

to this great new threat. Adventures from all over

the world have come to hearth looking for fame and glory.

But in the end. Only them who has protected Hearth for a

1000 years can protect it yet again. From evil old or

new they shall fall by their blades.

Your family has protected all of hearth for centuries

Now is no acceptation. Defeat the evil.

This new evil can only be defeated with the Eye of Gore

find and retrieve it. Then free the land once again.

But do not fear for even if you fall, your Ancestor

will take your place.



Open-world dungeon-crawling Zelda like Skyrim type RPG.


Noob -Starting off like everyone else

Adventure – You’ve earned the right to venture through the dungeons.

Warrior -You fancy a strong fighter

·        WarKnight – A warrior like no other in battle and war

Magi – You dabble in the Arcane arts

·        WarMage – You use your learning to devastate any battlefield

Thief – You don’t fight like the others but you get it done.

·        WarNinja – Using the shadows now one can see you coming in battle




Explore the exciting Island of Hearth, discover the hidden mystery of the dungeons and the ancient evil.


Craft potions, armor, and weapons. The best gears can only be crafted.

RPG Progression!

The more you use an action the better it comes. You can train different weapon types, armor, and skills. You can also add stat points as you level up!

Action Battle system

No waiting for turns, plunge yourself straight into the heat of battle.

Visible Gear

See what your character is wearing.

Endless loot!

Tones of loot from weapons to potions, spells, and other valuable items.


Enjoy many mini-games from the casino in town to the other random game across the map.


Four guilds to join, and rank up in with exclusive gear and benefits for joining.

Time Progression

Things happen as time pass.



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new ep out! check it out any and all feedbacks is welcomed!



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