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Lords of the City

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Lords of the City is an RPG adventure, comedy and a little bit of drama type of game, inspired by Paper Mario and Earthbound, using a fun and engaging combat system where timing is key!

A story about tragedy, comedy, drama and... A mustache?

Our story begins in Terra,a planet located in the Cookies N ’Cream galaxy, where thousands of years ago, a demon swept through many towns, until four wise men of light destroyed him, leaving only a part of himself that was... A mustache. Hundreds of years later, with the new technology arriving, new cities were built, one of them was Diputs City, built near where that fight happened years ago.

One day, Anthony, a 19-year-old man, for unknown reasons, was exploring in the ruins of an island near the city, in search for that demon's mustache. By endangering his life and deciphering various riddles, he finally found the mustache and by mere act of fun, he decided to put it on. What he didn't know, is that the mustache still had a huge power of the demon and it took control of his body! And Anthony became ... Antonio.

He started doing small evil things at home, such as not washing the dishes or hiding the remote control, but little by little, his evil was growing, to the point where it bothered our new "heroes," Luke, Mark, David and John.
He assaulted the Donut shop where Luke wanted to go buy one and took all of them, he stole Mark a video game, a robot in which David worked for years and to John ... Well, he didn't took anything from him, but because of mere destiny, he joined those who would be his new friends, on a mission to put an end to the chaos of Antonio by assembling... The Holy Razor.



❏ Relentless but not so brilliant
❏ Packs a punch
❏ Kind of a bully
❏ Selfish
❏ Carefree
❏ Had 5 girlfriends, only 1 was official

Luke was kicked out from his parents’ house in Prosperity Sub at the age of 18 because of his carefree attitude.
He now lives in Debris Suburb, a place where all the lower class live.



❏ Gamer
❏ Freak
❏ Uses lots of video game logic
❏ Never kissed a girl
❏ Has a crush in a female video game character

Mark lives with his mother Helga, in the Prosperity Suburb of Diputs City, the place where the rich people live. He is not very interested in friendships other than the people found in online games and he spends almost every day in his house's basement, playing video games or commenting on forums.
His mother is waiting for the day when Mark does something with his life to finally being able to live alone and bring more men to the house to party with them.



❏ Smart
❏ Sociable
❏ Analytical
❏ Perfectionist
❏ Nagger
❏ Arrogant

David is an exchange student, he lives alone in an apartment in the Nature Suburb, where the middle class live. About to graduate as a mechatronics engineer, for his professional project he designed an incredible robotic weapon, which was later on taken by Antonio one week before having to present it.



❏ Shy
❏ Coward
❏ Loyal
❏ Good friend once he trusts
❏ Emotional
❏ Low self-esteem

John never met his true parents, he lives in a forest that is next to Diputs City, with 2 witches. They told that his parents abandoned him in the forest and that they decided to take him home and adopt him, but John has highly doubts about this story because they were always mean to him, always making him feel like he was worth nothing.
Since then, he has always try to discover his real past.


-A fun and exciting 8-12 hours adventure from start to end!
-Sidequests that are literally out of this world!
-A combat inspired by Paper Mario with a twist!
-Four great developed characters!
-Some dramatic scenes!
-Comic book styled graphics!
-A mustache!
-Explore a suspicious school, fight in a "boxing ring", join(NOT) a sect, escape from a crazy rich guy who wants to murder you all, kick some gangsta, and more!














Hi! A new demo has been released! The ultimate demo! Fixes lots of gameplay issues, and lots of improvements as well! See by yourself!



TBD: 2020

Copyright © 2020


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