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Conditional branch that recognizes which party member is selecting their action in battle?

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Can a conditional branch (with the use of script) recognize which party member is selecting their actions in battle? I want a conditional branch to run from a parallel process common event when the 2nd actor in line on the world map is choosing what move to make in battle. When it's the turn of the actor who chooses their actions second in battle, an event will run that applies a state to party member 2 as soon it's his turn. Here is the event processing:




Basically, the order of your party's formation in battle applies a bonus state depending if they are 2nd, 3rd, or 4th to pick their actions. Each state applied still stays in effect after battle btw, and they're cleared at the start of a new battle (done via the call of another common event). With this system, it gives players a reason to change the party's formation.


What would be the method for making a conditional branch like this?

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