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(MV)I want to create randomly that will delete the built-in values.

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Again, I'd like to generate a random number 1-10, with numbers 1-10 disappearing at 1 digit each when starting again. Let's say I randomly get a number 5. The number 5 will be subtracted and there will be 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10 left, and I will randomize again to 0 and return to normal.

Who would have any ways?

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I don't really use MV, but generally I do that kind of thing by using scripting, or plugins in this case. It's pretty easy to do when using an array! Can events in MV eval javascript code? I am not even sure. Doing it with pure eventing though... Well I am sure it's possible. It might be able to be done having each value having it's own variable which lets the game know if it has been picked already.

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