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Thought I'd pop in and say hey~a to e'erbody in the forum! I've played around with RPG Maker over the years and finally updated to the MV. Still along ways from creating anything of note, but I look forward to learning from you all along the way. RPGM aside, I'm a huge history buff (predominantly Imperial Germany) and enjoy learning new recipes to try even if it means burning down the kitchen to do so! I do a lot of sketching on the side with MS.5, not professional looking work, but it gets the job done. 

So if you ever need a character idea drawn out, maybe shoot the breeze about food, I'm all ear-holes!


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Hmmm... *Plays around with google translate for a bit looks up various translations of 'sparkle' and 'party' to stick together*


Ooooh~  I like this one! Funkelnfest! That should totality be a thing!


Also the lowercase 'L' looks kinda like an uppercase 'i', so it sort of looks like It could be close to Funky Infest... And if the f in infest was a c instead... Fufufu...

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