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Why is my event only usable from the sides?

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This is kind of driving me crazy because I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing this. My speculation has run to "maybe there's too many things in this column" but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Basically I have an event that is visually jail cell bars, and is set to same level, action button, and begins a conversation. (Meant to be the character behind the bars.) However, the event on the right, where I want it to be, only works if I ctrl-walk in the editor and use it from the sides. It does not work from above or below. But, I copied it (the left one) and that works fine from every direction. What gives?



EDIT: I figured it out. After all these years, it's still the simplest things that can get you.

Below the event is one sent to below, touch, but when it's turned off, it swaps to a new, blank page set to below, action button. That was trumping any adjacent events.

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No more help needed.
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Believe me, I have been there. At least you figured it out.

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