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OTHER Dawn of Alcieste

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Hello everyone, I'm Lucius Blank, and my brother and I want to introduce you to our story, Dawn of Alcieste.

This game is being worked on RPG Maker 2003, I've used most of the rpg maker engines, but nothing beats the nostalgy that this retro engine brings.
I have been using this engine since it came out back in 2003, and can confidentely say that I know how it works from A to Z, my specialty being spritting and programming, while my brother has the best story telling.

Our main language is not english, however we decided to use it as the game language to reach as many people as possible, so you may catch some weird sounding phrases, if you do, please let us know, feedback is always appreciated.


Without further ado this is the game premise:

This story takes place in the continent of Alcieste, compossed by the kingdoms of Elgasta, Phyris, Praekopis, Kriegerheim and Sadhal, and surrounded by the called barbarian islands.
The continent geography defines the borders between the kingoms, and it ranges from the arid deserts in Sadhal to the snowy mountain ranges in Kriegerheim.

The continent is populated by humans, but a rich folklore and legends of intelligent creatures and monsters can be found everywhere, with many claiming evidence of the existence of said creatures,
however, dangerous monsters can be found all around the continent, and several precautions must be taken by anyone attempting to travel around.

A long lasting peace has been achieved after years of war, but as no treaty has been signed constant tensions keep everyone on their toes, with several outposts located all across the kingdoms to
protect their borders.
Esgalta, located in the middle of continent, has been under the rule of the Valerius dynasty, and poses the biggest military pressence througout the continent. 
In the arid southern region is Sadhal, a rich country where merchants thrive, but such riches bring trouble, as the Sadhal military is constantly busy fending off pirates who wish to steal the merchants hard earned coin.
Kriegerheim to the northwest is located on what is known as the frozen throne, a dangerous mountain range covered in ice and snow, craddle to powerful warriors devoted to their god of war, Arlan.
Bordering with Kriegerheim and Esgalta is Praekopis, famous for the scholars and engineers born there, their military may not be as strong, but their powerful contraptions make up for their lack of army.
And lastly Phyris to the northeast, a small country with a dense forest surrounded by mystery, not much is known about the secrets lying deep in Phyris forest, and many legends are told of it.

The story begins right after Esgalta declares war on the other four kingdoms, and with an unprecedented army conquered the continent in their war of unification, forming what is now known as the
Esgaltian empire under emperor Beadurinc Valerius. This swift conquest hs brought economic problems and political strife to the continent, as numerous factions try to oppose their new rulers, the
militaristic empire tightens it's iron grip on the rebels. A large number of people are constantly conscripted into service to fuel the empire needs of man power, for some this brings opportunity,
and others just call it opression.
One of such people is Vanhir, a young man with a troubled past joining the esgaltian army to find purpose, another gear on the ever moving clockwork of destiny, he is unaware of the role that destiny has chosen for  him.

This is the game we are working on, we want to tell a story, and we want you to be our audience. There will be adventure, betrayal, laughs and anger, on this story rich RPG.




The game.
As mentioned earlier, we want to keep the game as retro as possible, and even though we know how to make SBP, we have decided to exploit the RM2k3 turn based engine to the max.

Here are some screens for the battle system:





We are also trying to use  the engine to the limit, by making use of parallaxing, to bring the most of our beloved mac & blue tilesets!




And what is an adventure without puzzles? We are avid RPG players and know that players enjoy a challenge!




And most importantly, we consider story the most important part of an RPG, we want to steer away from cliches and move on with lore, plot, subplot and character development, we aim to create memorable characters that no matter if they are protagonists or antagonists, one can sympathize with them.






Enterbrain and Kadokawa games for their engines and assets that make this project possible

YouFulca (Wingless Seraph) for his great contribution to the music

Lucius Blank (Me)

Alejandro (My brother)


We would love some feedback and ideas regarding our project, we will be releasing a Demo soon and we want to test the reception!



Screen 5.png

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