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OTHER Madness Fantasy - GTA inspired gameplay, but silly!

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Hi everyone! 😀
I'm new on this forum, I just wanna show you what I'm workin' on till many years with rpgmaker2003. The game is almost complete, in few days I should be able to publish it hopefully 😄
Long story short, let me introduce you to:



Madness Fantasy is the crazy story about five friends who end up facing a thousand vicissitudes to defeat a criminal gang by working undercover for the police. To do this they will have to face incredible situations, where they will appreciate the life and value of happy times.


The game is made entirely by me in rpgmaker2003 and it will be available in english and italian. The story is long 27 chapters and the soundtrack is composed by 62 original songs.


Promo trailer (game features):



Story trailer (story and characters):




Like GTA, there's a city map to explore, but you'll be allowed to freely steal vehicles and go everywhere you like!

Basically you'll have to take on some missions which will lead you to many surreal adventures rich of minigames and dialogues.

There also will be a lot of secondary quests too!

While playing you'll have your position and your objectives under control in the game map anytime thanks to the GPS system.



Through game menu you can access multiple options, for instance you can switch between FreeMode or Story and play the game as you want.
You can also have access to Trophies, which are special "powers" you can use to customize the game (e.g. you can unlock the power to change the climate in FreeMode).

Jackie, Max, Marv, Hank and Dex are the heroes of our story. One evening they decide to go to Oddcity  to have fun, but during the event Hank meets a guy and here they get in troubles. There's a police raid and our heroes are taken to the police station and forced to work undercover to be able to infiltrate the Big I, the gangster organization that rules the town. 




I will show you more screenshots and explain more features in the next days... What do you think about it? 😄😄
It tooks me many years to develop it, I would really appreciate your opinion about it, thanks to all of you 😉 

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