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So what I'm trying to do is make a game where team mates are basically, single use. 
You got the MC who's a general fighter. 
A Tank character who can't hit any targets. 
A healer that can heal almost exclusively. 

and a Glass Cannon that can kill any enemy in one hit, assuming she gets to use her skill. 

(It'll make sense if I get around to the end) 


The trouble I'm having right now is the Tank. 

I want her to have a move called 'body guard' and how this works is she'll 'distract' the enemy, forcing all of them to target her for for a turn. The issue I have is getting them to target her. 

I've made the move as a common event, and the event command is under Battle, force action, Enemy (I'll do one for every enemy on screen) Skill: Attack, Target (??????) I don't know how to make it so they target the Tank character. There are Index entries 1-8, but I'm not sure how to find to change them. 


Any help will much be appreciated. Sorry if this is basic and I'm just blind to an obvious solution that I can't see. I'm very new to RPG Maker. 

Oh, and is there a way to put a two turn delay on an attack? A start up/charging time? 

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