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Game breaking common event problem

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I don't really know in which place to put this topic. It involves eventing which is kind of programming so I put it in this subforum.


I'm having many many issues getting a motorcycle element in my game to work properly, but this is by far the biggest.

I'll do a quick rundown of how the mechanic works, and what the issue is:

In a parallel process common event, conditional branch checks if button is pressed. If it is, it will call another common event that changes player sprite, speed, and many other things and voila, he's riding a motorbike. It's like the Key Item button from Pokemon that allows the player to ride the bike with a press of a button. Press the button again and the opposite happens; the sprite turns back to the default player sprite, speed goes back to normal, etc.

Now here's where the game breaking issue comes in. When walking onto a transfer event, right as the player moves onto that event, if you press the bike button immediately, the game transfers to the next screen and the common event is cut short. This is not a hard glitch to pull off, either. The switch that says the bike is on/off changes, but the graphic doesn't, the speed doesn't, and the other things don't change (for example, passability. You can pass over certain tiles on the bike that you cannot when walking. Player can't dash off of the bike is another thing). So the player will still be on the bike, will have a fast speed, but then cannot dash as if he is off of the bike, and can go over tiles that the bike isn't supposed to be able to ride over, because the bike switch is off, so the game thinks he's not on the bike.

What truly baffles me, is that I have it so the switch turns on/off at the end of the conditional branch, while I have the dashing on/off near the middle of the command list, and everything else is either before the dash on/off or before the switch on/off. So evidently, common events don't even go through the command list in order? I haven't a single clue.


Long story short, because this is complicated but this gets to the heart of the problem:

How would I make it so that when pressing a button and walking onto a transfer event at the same time, the common event that gets called with that button press won't get stopped halfway through its processing?

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