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Dual types of "HP" gauge in battle

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Hello everyone, 

I thought of concretizing an idea to modify the gameplay in combat. What I would like is to have two types of gauge that work like HP gauges, that is to say when we get to zero for one or the other (they are independent) then it is game over.

I actually renamed the normal HP parameter to correspond to will points (WP, a mental life bar). And so, I was thinking of using this script to create new HP parameter (normal life point): https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/custom-parameters-v1-5-22-04-2018.60832/

But, I realize that it is not that simple, even if I manage to display a new HP life bar below the basic life bar (which I call WP). There should also be a damage formula, where the skills can detect if they attack the first bar or the second (or both). In addition, we should also create a second state of "death", because I do not want it to be the same alteration of state, even if both can lead to game over (one can be mental KO and other physical KO).
I think that all this requires more than just slightly modifying a few scripts, in any case, I don't have the skills. But I can see the possibility of adding a note in a skill to indicate which types of gauge (WP or HP) is targeted. If I can get that just for the player character, I'll be happy. I would like to know if anyone is interested in making a script like this. The strategy in combat would be modified, it would be necessary to monitor both its mental life bar (WP) and the physical life bar (HP). However, HP is for me, in my game, more secondary; or else we should think about creating new associated characteristics (Def, etc.) to further optimize. But it complicates the work ...


I mainly use the scripts YEA - Ace Battle Engine and MOG - Battle Hud EX (for this one I can modify the graphic Hud myself and add a gauge location).

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