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How do I change a cursor's starting position in a command window?

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Hello, everyone.


There was a thread on here that asked a similar question back in 2015, but it looked like the OP was attempting to create this effect for all windows, instead of a specific window like I want to do.


I have a customized window for a puzzle that accesses class Window_HorzCommand. The player's selection cursor keeps redirecting to the first choice because I need to refresh the command bar each time a selection is made. I have found out that I can control where the cursor starts here:


class Window_Command < Window_Selectable
  # * Object Initialization
  def initialize(x, y)
    super(x, y, window_width, window_height)
    select(0) # <------ Right there


Here's the order of my classes: Window_CustomWindow < Window_HorzCommandWindow_HorzCommand < Window_Command


I want to Window_Command's select value specifically for Window_CustomWindow. From that point on, I can easily figure out what to do. I'd just need to create a variable that changes depending on the player's last selection, that would change the value of select, so that the cursor would begin in the player's last selected position.


How would I change select for my custom class? I feel it may involve an alias, or something, but nothing is coming together in my head.


Thank you for your time!

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