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Calling a common event from menu option

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I've created my own attribute points system, based on events. 
I want to make level up system available from menu, because I use Sapphire's ABS and don't want the window with attributes pop-up during fights.

Is there a way to call a common event from menu?
I would like to add an option "Level up", which would do nothing if player doesn't have any attribute points (a variable I use in events), but otherwise toggles a common event with attribute system.
I want to put it under "Status" option.



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I use Yanfly's Menu script and yep, one can call common events from the menu.

I also suggest grabbing TsukiHime's Scene Interpreter (and the compatibility patch for the Menu script) so that the level up scene can be run without the menu closing.

Of course, if you're wanting to skip that, I believe one can add menu commands but I'm not so good with that from scratch...

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