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Dark Ice Saga: The Rescue

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Dark Ice Saga: The Rescue

Kickstarter Project Now Live





My family (a full-time Dad/Janitor, BEST Mom/Wife, and the 2 Kids) started an attempt to build a retro-platformer video game together. 



While our goal is to to produce a (fully-playable) PC game, our main purposes of this project was to:

  • Have an at-home, S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) project that we could enjoy to work on together.
  • For us all to start a project, but more importantly, FINISH IT! 
  • To challenge ourselves with learning tasks (unknown to us) about this intricate project.
  • FUN while making and playing :)
  • A distraction for us during the COVID-19 outbreak




The game will be completed with around 100 levels (currently, about 60% is done). While it's "cool" for us to make a game for ourselves, we feel it would be a great accomplishment if we could get this game on the STEAM store. Our Kickstarter goal is to:

  • Make enough funds to cover the $100 Steam costs.
  • Raise enough money to put towards a laptop upgrade for my kids education (and gaming, of course).

Honestly, we have no idea how to produce a video game. This simplistic-platformer has been a challenge for us and has given us more respect for creators of games (retro and modern). We don't know how those in the industry are (and were) EVER able to create all of these types of interactive media.

The program we are using is RPG Maker VX ACE (ARC ENGINE script, credit to Khas). While the VX Ace was designed for turn-based RPG games, the Khas script was the only way we would ever be able to design our project. Our final game may have a file size that's big (when compared to similar games) and buggy at times (all games are), but we hope that process that we are attempting is shown with respect by your Kickstarter funds. 

List of Job Descriptions:

  • 12 year-old daughter: Created all character sprites, Designed levels (20%), Colored all levels
  • 6 year-old son: Designed levels (20%), Numerous play-through testings
  • BEST Mom/Wife: Majority play-through tester, Positive motivator of project, Editor
  • Janitor Dad: Initiated project, Level design, Script adjustments, Event creation


Icarus by Scott Buckley | https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
 Music promoted by https://www.free-stock-music.com
 Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


Khas- Arc Engine Script

Thanks for Looking!


Risks and challenges

If the Kickstarter is 100% funded but we are unable to get the game on Steam, you'll get a copy via email. We could send what we consider an unfinished game to STEAM, but we have levels to add and fine-tuning to take care of.




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Steam Preview Now Available! Thanks to those who helped, Great Forum, Awesome People!


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