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Back in the community... hello!

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I’m joining these forums since I enjoy working on RPG Maker games as a hobby, and heck it’s quarantine I have plenty of free time. Maybe I’ll actually finish a game one of these days.


I’m a digital artist and I also dabble in electronic music making, web design (HTML/CSS), storytelling, and amateur coding (I only know Javascript). In the game making process, my forte is concept art, plot writing, and character design. I have a bunch of original character stories that I’ve worked on most of my life, and hopefully one day I’ll finish one of my many backburner projects I have planned for the RPG Maker medium.


I use VX Ace and am studying RGSS3 scripting (let’s hope it sticks). I’ve had the game engine since maybe 2011... I used to be more involved in older forums but they’re long gone. High school aged me had several games planned that never got finished, maybe I will share those and their limited progress.


Anyways... hello!

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