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Hello Fellow Rpg Maker users

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             Hi guys I've been using the Rpg maker forums and this site popup in my researching while looking for more Touhou Fangames to play(I really love that series). I mainly play Touhou games of all sorts love rpgs I also love difficult games. I've played rpgs like FFVI,FFIV, FFX, FFXII, among many others. I have been using Ace and MV for over 2 years and have thought its about time I start using it more seriously. Working on a game right now. I have the outline for it besides the fact that it will be a hard game. Which I will talk about in a later post. I have also been playing Rpgs since the age of 9. I am very much a Sony fan. Currently I've been working on sprites for my rpg. I'll have many questions to ask in my future posts and I hope I get the answer i am looking for.(I really want to know how to get rid of white outlines for example.) I have so much free time due to COVID-19 so I am just work on my game in my free time and play video game as well. I will see you folk on the forums have a great day.


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