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In my game, the party has a maximum of 6 characters, the first 3 of which can participate in battles. I want the 3 members in the back to be greyed out, or some other indicator that they are not in the main party and will not appear in battles. Adjusting the maximum party size in both the scripts included in Luna Engine as well as the Game_Party script does not achieve the "grey out effect" that I am looking for, although it does successfully limit the overworld party and in-battle party to 3 members. I'm using Luna Engine to customize the main menu, but I can only fit 4 characters at a time, as by default. I want to show all 6 party members on the same page of the menu, rather than having to scroll down to see the remaining 2 party members. I'm new to using Luna Engine, so I don't know whether using two images for this menu is possible(1 for each page). I would like to fit all of the party members on a single menu page so I can use a single image for the menu's background, which will highlight the members in battle and grey out those sitting out. I came across a thread with a similar problem, but it was in MV. It was solved, and I'm wondering if a similar layout can be created in VX Ace.


MV Menu:


Link to thread: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/anyone-help-with-getting-6-character-party-to-show-in-menu-all-at-once-not-4.87603/


The HP/MP/TP doesn't need to be shown in this menu in my game, if that helps for anything. I would just like the face graphics to be aligned similarly to see all the party members in a single page.

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There are script for Ace that will help with the grey out part and it would not be too hard to fix the hp/mp showing.

Let me look


Ok so having non battle member greyed out is a default function of VX Ace. Just set the max battle members. As for the 6 members on screen, that could be possible it would take work, but I'm not going to invest into this. I have other things I need to do. 

Plus you are using Luna Engine, this also changes things as whoever make a script for you need to make it using luna engine. I have luna engine but like I said not going to invest as this will take a few days. You could wait for help or ask a scripter to commission it. Not many of them left, I would recommend a-moonless-night on rpgmaker forums. Contact her (via PM), Upload your game to her and wait.

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