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Healing items that can be applied by everyone, but only works on specific actor.

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Hey there, I'm developing a game in RPG Maker VX Ace where you play as a sentient slime monster and a reanimated skeleton knight working together to stop an unknowing villain who thinks he's saving the world, but will actually seal its fate should he succeed.

Here's my issue. I'm trying to make two revive items: Slime Jelly and Bone-meal

I want these items to be usable by both party members, but have Slime Jelly only work on the slime monster, and the Bone-meal only work on the skeleton.


I've tried using Hime's Custom Use Conditions and a few other things I forgot the names of, but my level of coding expertise is extremely low. All I know how to do is make educated guesses when I get an error message. Whenever I've tried to use Hime's Custom Use Conditions, I've only accomplished making the item completely unusable.


I tried using Common Event conditional branches to make a message appear + refunding the item when using a revive item incorrectly, but all of the code executes together and every message appears one by one. This is immersion breaking for obvious reasons. Here's what I attempted: https://imgur.com/a/HyC8RD3

If I can't make any of this work, I'll eventually give up and make a revive item that revives both party members, but makes sense lore-wise.


I hope I've explained my issue in a way that's easy enough to understand. Thanks.

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I'd make a passive state for each and have it applied to them, then...
<use conditions>

 state: x
</use conditions>

where 'x' is the state applied, and place these tags on the revival items.

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EDIT: I managed to make it work by making it a "apply only to one party member" thing. I did this because if I set it to apply to all allies, the animation for the item would play twice for some reason. Still works as intended.


I found an odd workaround. While I was waiting for the admins to approve my post, I did some meddling and managed to make it work? I mean, it technically works perfectly fine but it's not ideal. I made the conditional branch only revive and heal the slime party member, and I had to make the item itself apply to all party members. The slime jelly item only works on the slime monster. I'd rather it just function like a normal item that denies you even using it on the incorrect party member, but if it works I guess it works.

And Pheonix, I'm not sure that would work. Thanks, but I dunno.


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