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Anomaly Detected

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Hello everyone,


This is my post to establish my ground that I'm the alpha here. 🤫

I go by the name Anomaly as it's short and usually shows up first being it starts with an A. All jokes aside, I'm vary familiar with RM as far back as 2010 and I enjoy coding to pass the time. I've never really finished a game cause my ADHD won't let me focus long enough....what were we talking about? But I will probably estimate I've made 3000 project files so far. I guess it's probably due to me trying to perfect something and starting a new project afterwards. Maybe I'll make a game, maybe I won't. Who knows? 🤷‍♂️ I really love pixel art... I don't really care for RTP visual style but pixel art can take my money any day. I've probably tried to remake FFMQ 100 times but get so lazy after I finish a bunch of systems. One day it will be a real thing. As far as the engines go, I own all of them. However, I have a love for VX and will mock Ace until I need it for a feature VX doesn't have. I'm really a simple man here.  MV IMO needs to go back to the drawing board. It's still too buggy 5 years later and that's turned me off from it. I don't mind helping someone if they have a question about the engine or coding in Ruby. But I won't take on big projects, though I guess if you want to commission something simple for $5 I see that as pizza money.


I promise I'm pretty easy going and laid back and I probably never shut up. So take me to your leader because all your base belong to me. 👾

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